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Hitachi in Thailand


"Reforestation in Thailand is one of the most important activities in Asia."

Mr. Toshio Toda - Managing Director, Hitachi Asia Ltd.

photo : Mr. Toshio Toda

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for environmental conservation is one of the most important responsibilities for the Hitachi Group which has established the Environmental Vision 2025 to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 100M tons. Reforestation in Thailand is one of the most important activities among the Group's CSR activities in the Asian countries such as Singapore, India and so on.

Unfortunately, I could not participate in the first Tree Planting Forum last year and was looking forward to this year's event.

"I have realized that the employees' consciousness toward the environment has changed."

Mr. Kazuo Karasawa - Managing Director, Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

photo : Mr. Kazuo Karasawa

Watching the employees join in this event even on a holiday, makes me realize that their consciousness toward the environment has changed.

I was assigned to Thailand this year and this is my first experience in tree planting. I found it very impressive.

"I am proud to contribute to the environment and I will come to see my trees so long as I live."

Mr. Toshiya Hasemi - Managing Director of Hitachi Construction Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

photo : Mr. Toshiya Hasemi

You may have the negative image that construction machinery destroys the environment. This is not true. Construction machinery has contributed to society in various areas. A mini excavator which the Hitachi Group donated under this Project is one example. Another one is a de-mining vehicle. In the past, land mines were simply removed. At present, this machine removes land mines, while taming the ground by its rear end so that the land can be used for farming.

They were humble contributions to reforestation which we could make, such as planting a sapling with our own hands. I want to come to see the trees I planted so long as I live."

Final thoughts after tree planting

The employees of the group who participated in the tree planting this year as well as 2008 said they realized that they need to continue to plant forests. They realized this by their first-hand experience in planting saplings and watching them grow into strong trees.

"Planting the saplings by hand and with a whole heart makes us realize how mighty nature is and how precious the balance of our ecosystem has been since ancient times. We are not just planting trees but we are creating forests and a future for the children. So, act now for the children who will carry on with the future," these inspiring words by the instructor touched many present.

photo : Participants of Reforesting in Thailand

Roles of the Hitachi Group Promoting the 'Environmental Vision 2025'

The Hitachi Group is committed to the prevention of global warming, the effective utilization of resources and the conservation of the ecosystem as the three pillars of our vision. Our goal is to achieve a more sustainable society by promoting global production that reduces the environmental burden of a product throughout its life cycle.

Based on the above environmental vision, we have now established the 'Environmental Vision 2025,' a long-term plan to help reduce annual CO2 emissions by 100M tons through our products. Apart from the development of Eco-Products, reforestation has increasingly become more important to reduce CO2 emission which causes global warming.

The Hitachi Group fully agrees with the philosophy of the "Forest for the Future Project - The Billion Trees Campaign in Thailand" initiated by the Foundation for Global Peace and Environment., and has given its full cooperation to this Project. It donated 2.3 million baht (approximately US$65,000) to the Sirindhorn International Environmental Park Foundation, as well as two mini excavators from Hitachi Construction Machinery (Thailand). Employees of the Group have also been participating in the actual tree-planting campaigns.

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