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Hitachi in Thailand

Rich forests have been changed to desolation at an alarming rate. The global ecosystem is losing their most important resource, the forest, which stores water and creates oxygen by photosynthesis.

While extreme climate is being reported all over the world, the decline in forests which can cause global warming is one of the most pressing issues for humankind.

The slogan of "Forest for the Future Project in Thailand" is "PLANT FOR THE PLANET, PLANT FOR THE FUTURE".

The Disappearing Greenery of Thailand

It takes six hours to get to Bangkok by plane from Narita Airport in Japan. In the past, Thailand had an abundance of green forests and was one of the world's leading exporters of wood. Nowadays, however, the fully modernized appearance of the country's cities gives no indication whatsoever of that past. The facts of the situation back up this impression: the forests that covered 53% of the country's territory in 1961 were reduced to 26.6% in 1991, and according to recent data now cover less than 20%.

picture : Dramatically Deforestated Behind the Economic Growth

The downside of the economic growth in the urban areas has been the rapid destruction of the forests through indiscriminate logging and slash-and-burn practices, and these have made for an extremely serious problem.

picture : Thai Mangrove Forest (or Bush)

Thai mangroves. The government of Thailand is working to protect its forests through directives establishing a total ban on logging and the export of lumber.

Opening Ceremony

photo : Opening Ceremony photo : Opening Ceremony

10:30am with an address by Ms.Tomoko Yano, Executive Officer for the Foundation for Global Peace and Environment. It was graced with a large presence from the representatives of UNEP, the Sirindhorn International Environment Foundation, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Thailand and other related organizations. With the large number of attendees it shows there is a high level of interest and strong enthusiasm for this project.

The achievement of support as the main sponsor since 2007 was greatly admired. The Hitachi Group has about forty companies in Thailand as of the end of September 2009, creating employment for approximately 20,000 people. The group intends to actively continue in its corporate social responsibility programs.

Let's Go Tree Planting

What Tree Planting Means

After listening intently to the instructors on how to plant trees, the Hitachi employees and their families put in their best efforts to plant the saplings provided.

picture : 3 Steps on How to Plant a Tree Sapling
picture : Plant for the Planet, Plant for the Future