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Hitachi in Thailand

How do Employees feel about Tree Planting?

photo : Ms. Kanjana Suttiwongkul

I think I was concerned about energy-saving. In the office, I have always tried to turn off the PC when not in use as much as possible. Now, after I experienced tree planting, I really understand the importance of what I have done for the 'environment'.

Ms. Kanjana Suttiwongkul

photo : Ms. Kanya Photikitti

What I touch everyday at work is inorganic matters such as PC or photocopier. When I touched the soil for the first time in many years, I recalled that I played with my friends near the soil as a child. With this opportunity, I want to turn my attention once more to nature.

Ms. Kanya Photikitti

photo : Ms. Aritsara Ninmala

This is the first time for me to join tree planting. To be honest, I doubted if tree planting would really save the environment. But now, after I saw how the trees planted last year have grown a lot and I planted saplings with my own hands, my doubt has been cleared.

Ms. Aritsara Ninmala

photo : Mr. Pornpong Thadapongsatorn

Trees are like mothers in the natural world. We cannot live without them. Reforestation helps not only to recover forests but also to change our consciousness toward the environment. Small efforts in our daily life, such as using recycle paper for work, not wasting water and so on, can greatly change the future.

Mr. Pornpong Thadapongsatorn

What We See through Continuous Activities

Meeting the One-Year Old Saplings Again

While the guests-of-honor attended the opening ceremony, employee and families of the Hitachi Group the Hitachi Group's visited the place where they planted trees one year ago. The scene in front of them is greatly different from those in their memory.

"How fast the saplings have grown!"

The saplings before were about one meter high, now they have greatly grown. These are not "saplings" but "mature trees"!

Last Year and This Year Sapling