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Hitachi in Thailand

  • Best suitable for heavy industries and large commercial establishments in India
  • Wide product range from 1.1 kW to 70 kW Inverters offers more flexibility as per project design
  • Real time precise MPPT algorithm to ensure highest efficiency up to up to 99.9%, max euro efficiency 98.4%
  • Up to 3 Independent MPPT to ensure optimal energy harvest
  • Intelligent grid management features
  • First of its kind IV curve diagnostics feature
  • A robust IP65 enclosure allowing hassle free outdoor installations
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Safety assured through its anti-islanding, RCMU, ground fault monitoring
  • Wide DC input range from 250V to 950V
  • Highest AC output range +/- 25%
  • Wide ambient temp range -25°C to 60°C
  • DC power overloading up to 150 %
  • Easy to read LCD display with all operational status & necessary data
  • Low sensitivity to the grid disturbance to avoid unnecessary breakdown
  • User friendly interface like RS 232 / RS 485 / Wi-Fi
  • Reactive power controller
  • Type II SPD
  • String current monitoring

More Reliability

  • Usage of only higher voltage level capacitor
  • Support four uni-polar output relays (effective heat dissipation, longer life)

Higher Efficiency

  • "T" type 3 level topology provides higher efficiency


  • Equipped with leakage current detection components
  • Use professional solar AC connectors as output

Better Monitoring

  • RS485 / Wi Fi / GPRS / Ethernet
  • Local data is recorded in SD card for 25 years
  • IV curve scanning technology, catch MPPT easily and Quickly

More Convenience

  • All information is available on a 4 large screen
  • Availability of four separate buttons gives easy operation
  • Equipped with compact ACDB&DCDB

Better Appearance

  • Die-casting housings
  • Go through anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection Processes

Intelligent Power Management

  • Fully adjustable reactive power & power factor for different grids
  • LVRT / ZVRT protections
  • Self-power reducer in case of over-frequency
  • Real time MPPT algorithm

Built-In Protection Functions

  • O/ V & U/V protection
  • Over frequency, Under-frequency
  • Over current, Over load
  • Anti-islanding, Current leakage
  • Over temperature protection
  • SPD Type III, Type II (optional)

Humanized Functions

  • Audible & visible alarming function
  • Remote system connection or disconnection
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Remote monitoring
  • Separate section for power & termination

Contact Information

Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Energy & Industrial Products Business Unit

12th Floor, Ramaland Bldg., No.952 Rama IV Road, Suriyawongse, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

T : +66 (2) 632 9292
F : +66 (2) 632 9299